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The RIGHT Supplements to Support Your Healing

When it comes to Holistic Healing or just healing in general for your gut, your fatigue, your overall immune system; it all comes down to the micro nutrients that you are not absorbing.

We do not get enough of this from our food, and more chances than not you probably are not even tracking the food you eat that will tell you whether you are getting enough! Our entire environment has changed causing more auto immune disease, more inflammation, more cancers, and more toxins in our body.

With the change of how food is processed and modified we all know and see through the illness of ourselves or others that we lack the micro nutrients needed to keep healthy! In this video we discuss the quality of supplements along with toward the end of the video which ones specifically will help support your liver, thyroid, and gut health. If you are struggling with gut health you have to understand that it comes down to supporting multiple organs in order to create healing, decrease inflammation, and get into optimal living.

Here are the links to the recommended supplements I highly believe in for healing:

Hormone/Thyroid Energy Support:

There are core minerals such as Selenium, Zinc, Ashwagandha, Omega 3, Probiotics and more that help rebuild and support the liver and thyroid which in turn help support the gut health production.


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