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My Disney World Gluten Free Experience

I wanted to write about my experience with Disney World and how amazing it was! I know one of my biggest fears and I am sure you are the same is when it comes to traveling it can feel very scary that you wont find any food! First of all, you are allowed to bring food inside like your own snacks! So I made some sandwiches to bring and a lot of snacks to minimize spending! So pack your bags ahead of time!

The depression can kick in as you see everyone around you eating desserts and all the good food as you struggle just to get a simple meal! Well my experience at Disney World was amazing! You shouldn't have any fears because they take allergies very serious! They also have a lot of options for you!

One that was amazing was at Magical Kingdom called Liberty Tree Tavern! It was a full 3 course meal including gluten free dinner rolls with dairy free butter, salad, a full gluten free & dairy free meal, as well as gluten free cookies to end! I couldn't believe I got dinner rolls and dessert and didn't feel left out! Here are some photos of my meal!

Main Entrée

Dinner Rolls

The second place that I couldn't believe how amazing the food was; was located at the Hollywood Studios at a place called Sci Fi Dine In. I ordered the Flying Saucer Impossible Burger on Gluten Free Bun with a Vegan Gluten Free Cookie Shake! They were all Gluten and Dairy Free! They even had separate fryers for the French fries! I didn't get sick! It was my best meal that I have enjoyed for a VERY long time! My waitress Rebecca was amazing! Make sure you make reservations for this restaurant as it is very popular and busy and they only accept groups of 5 or less. It was super cute and felt like you were in a Drive In from the 60's! The atmosphere along with the chefs truly made this a magical experience specially for people like me! I felt so included and NORMAL! It was an amazing feeling. Check out these photos below!

Rebecca my waitress!

Gluten Free Dairy Free Milk Shake!

I hope you have a magical experience like me! I give them both a 10 out of 10! Thanks for tuning into my blog!


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