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How to Gain the Right Weight with Celiac Disease

Before I got diagnosed with Celiac Disease I had gained a lot of weight in my stomach and hips. I was up to about 140 to 145lbs which was the biggest I ever was. Not that its a lot but for me it was. People would comment I look pregnant and I definitely had the love handles that peaked out my pants! I had a hard time using the restroom so my body was storing what it couldn't process as fat! But that's not the only reason, I also just had no idea what a true healthy diet or lifestyle looked like!

After having issues with severe constipation, I just couldn't eat anymore because I was so sick. I then lost around 40 to 45lbs making my weight around 99lbs. For someone that is pretty tall, I looked incredibly skinny. I was called anorexic and that I was on drugs.

So what changed my life and started building the body I love?

It came down to getting the right amount of calories and adding resistance/weight training! This doesn't happen over night. It happens continually as you continue to try your best everyday even on your worst days! Its allowing your body rest when it needs it, and working hard when you are feeling good! Its about not over training your body but getting the right amount of exercise along with calories.

So what does a healthy life style look like?

Here are some rules to follow:

Rule #1: Energy In Vs. Energy Out

Weight loss or weight gain is simple however all these fad diets make it difficult to understand what is correct. Weight loss is achieved by eating a little bit less than you burn in a day. What does that mean? It means you can still eat throughout the day, and if you want to lose weight you either fix your diet by eating healthier portions, and leaner meats and/or you up your daily activity. You can start with getting more steps in throughout the day by walking or adding in more exercise. GET MOVING! Movement is the best thing for not only your heart, your weight, but also keeping flexibility in your joints, muscles and building healthier bones. If you want to gain weight you eat a little more than your naturally burn.

Rule #2: Eat Lean Meats.

Start looking for 90% or higher lean meats. Sometimes labels can be misleading so look for the breast of the meat or leaner cuts of steak like flank, London broil, beef stew meat, etc.

Rule #4: Get Your Protein In!

Its one of the most important things to do! You want to have around 0.5 to 0.7grams of protein per lb. you weight. An easy way to get protein in is drinking 1 to 2 protein shakes a day! Add some fruit or greens to it to help get your veggies in or make it tasty! Add in a little healthy fats like almond butter or peanut butter. Make sure each meal has a lean protein about the size of your fist! Snack on some hard boiled eggs, or eggs in the morning. Or add in a scoop of protein to your pancakes!

Rule #5: Carbs are NOT BAD!!!

Carbs are amazing for you! They fuel your energy throughout your day. And when added with some workouts those carbs go straight to your muscle! You cannot get more muscle without more protein and carbs! The more muscle you build the more your body naturally burns fat! The key is to pair it up with a lean protein and a fiber filled veggie! Each body is different so some people do need a little bit lower carbs to get results but overall it all depends on how your energy and body feels with the food.

Rule #6: Keep Fat intake Low!

Try to sub out oil for cooking sprays. Use low amounts of oil when cooking. Fats are healthy for your body including helping keep your thyroid working well like omega 3's. Getting your fats through vegetables like avocado, nuts, or maybe even fish is better than getting it through dairy which is an inflammatory to your body or from super fatty meats. Your body can only process about 20% of fat before it goes directly to becoming fat on your body!

Rule #7: Drink LOTS OF WATER!

You should be drinking about half your body weight in ounces. If you are sweating more then drink a little more than that depending on your exercise. Water helps burn fat!

Now that you are fueling your body, you want to use that fuel for your exercise. You build by lifting weights, body weight, or resistance training. Lifting weights wont make you super bulky but they will build, tone, tighten the skin, and create the body you would like. Not only that but it also helps keep your joints, ligaments, and bones stronger.

I hope this helps you! If you want any help with coaching you can check out my coaching programs or send me a message on Instagram- GracieBFit.


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