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Do Shampoos and Makeup really matter to be gluten free?!

Updated: Sep 11, 2020

So I have been gluten free for about 9 years now! I didn't really think of checking my shampoo or makeup for gluten. Last year, I kept getting SUPER Lethargic! What does feelings SUPER Lethargic mean? It means my body looked swollen, I was incredibly itchy and exhausted. I felt on edge about everything, like everything overwhelmed me. I ended up doing blood work and turned out some how I had a TON of gluten in my system. I am highly allergic to like 4 or 6 (I cant remember exacts) of the gluten molecule that makes up the gluten protein, while also being highly allergic to Wheat, Barley and Rye.

My Doctor had stated, that SOMEHOW I was getting a TON of gluten in my diet and I had NO IDEA how?! I was in shock. She said you need to check your shampoos, makeup and locations to see if any of it had Gluten or Wheat in it. So low and behold I found that a new shampoo I was using had Wheat Protein in it. Did you know.... that you absorb the most in your body through the souls of your feet and through your scalp?! Well well well..... there I found my culprit.

So is it important to use Gluten Free or Wheat Free products?

ABSOLUTELY! Don't make the same mistake I did and think it doesn't matter! Make sure you google and do your research. If you are unsure try reaching out to that company and asking.

Products I have Found!

I was looking for foundation, which I have found are gluten free brands are IT Cosmetics, MILK Cosmetics are soy free, gluten free, dairy free, Becca which is what I use, and Tarte. Those are all cosmetic lines that I really like that are all gluten free and clean products.

For Shampoo, just make sure you can actually read the ingredients. If they are a bunch of things you cannot understand then it usually is unsafe. What I have found super helpful with finding products is jumping on Facebook Gluten Free Groups and asking what other people use. Its been really awesome to find a community that shares recipes, concerns and advice! You are not alone!

Much Love,


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