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5 Tips to Stay Fit For the Holidays!

Holidays are coming! You know what that means! Tons of food, over eating, lots of bloating, unbuttoning the pants, and eating more! So how do we avoid the over consumption and guilt trips?

First of all, have compassion for yourself! Don't beat yourself up forcing yourself not to eat the yummy food! You deserve it! Also don't guilt trip yourself and overindulge because you feel like you messed up! Keep it clean for the week and make Thanksgiving or Christmas your cheat meal! Here are my 5 tips to staying fit for the holidays!

Stay Fit for the Holidays:

  1. Wake up, and get your workout on before the event! Since you got your workout on, you will be burning more calories throughout the day! Enjoy the hefty meals and let it fuel your gains.... MUSCLE GAINS!

  2. Drink your protein shake (Plantfusion is my fave!) after your workout and a small meal!

  3. Drink lots of water! Most of the time you are thirsty rather than hungry. Keeping yourself hydrated will help you stay full.

  4. Make a small plate of all your guilty pleasures! Since you had a meal already, you probably aren't as hungry as you normally would be! So that will allow you to keep you from over indulging.

  5. Go for a short walk to help digest your food! Getting your body moving after will help speed up the digestion and keep you from bloating!


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