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The Celiac Solution

I take you through a holistic approach through 3 areas to master your daily life with Autoimmune Disease including Nutrition, Mental, and Physical!  

I walk you through the steps I took to become the healthiest version of myself with less reactions to food, more energy, and a more confident body!

The biggest challenge I had was doing it all alone and taking years to figure it out. I want to help you and be a friend who is there to keep you motivated, to bounce off your frustrations and offer guidance to continue your journey to the best you! I want you to feel in control of your health FINALLY! I offer either a monthly rate for $125 a month or a 12 week program for $250. 


How does it work?

You will receive:

  1. Video coaching calls 

  2. Recommended supplements to heal your body

  3. Meal plans tailored to your sensitivities

  4. Workout plans home or gym

  5. 24/7 access through texting to me!

  6. Feeling like a boss!


In just 12 WEEKS, you will feel confident in social settings and your daily life that you can function like a NORMAL human being! You will have a blueprint that you can use for the REST of your LIFE!

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